DiabetesChoices Daily Digest July 14 2011

Welcome to the DiabetesChoices round-up of diabetes news and research, updated every weekday. Today: how much to drink (again), what dairy products, molasses and exercise have in common, and a top fund-raising teenager …

Diabetes news

Six to eight glasses of water a day is still best, says the team at NHS Choices , defending NHS advice against the criticism from Dr Margaret McCartney that was published in the British Medical Journal. DiabetesChoices reported the article on July 13.

Diabetes research

The US Dairy Research Institute has drawn attention to new research that it says adds to the evidence that including dairy products in the diet is helpful for type 2 diabetes. A clinical trial published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that eating three servings of dairy products a day for 12 weeks reduced signs of inflammation in 40 overweight people who had metabolic syndrome, even though they lost no weight. Earlier this year, a Chinese group carried out an analysis of studies into type 2 diabetes and dairy consumption, and found an association between eating low-fat dairy products and yogurt, and a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. However this does not establish a cause-and-effect relationship.  The research was published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Mice who were fed a supplement of molasses in their diet lost weight even though they ate the same as a control group, according to findings to be presented at the annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behaviour (SSIB). The Australian authors say this might lead to potential obesity treatments for people.

In another paper to be presented at the SSIB meeting, researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the US report a new understanding of why regular exercise helps to maintain body weight. In studying rats on a treadmill, they have found that exercise might alter the way that eating triggers gut hormones that naturally limit food intake, and change the sensitivity of individuals to these hormones.

And finally …

George Dove, 13, from Mansfield, has reached the final of the Nottinghamshire Young People of the Year Awards after raising more than £33,000 for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), reports his local paper the CHAD. George, who has had type 1 diabetes since he was eight, is a JDRF ambassador.

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